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25 Years Forging Valve Components | Machined Metal Parts | Teamco

Located in Taiwan, Teamco Industries Corporation, since 1995, is a Forging Valve Components | machined metal part manufacturer in metal foundry industry. A metal casting and precision machining supplier that offers custom metal parts produced in sand casting, investment casting, forging, stamping, machining, surface finishing meeting international standards - ASTM, AISI, DIN, JIS.

Certified carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel machined casting valve parts for oil & gas, industrial and mechanical parts, building and marine hardwares, etc. Not only providing customers machined metal parts, to extend service scale, Teamco has dedicated into the automation machining, from auto loading parts to auto inspection, towards enhancing quality and efficiency.

Teamco has been offering customers precision machined metal parts, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Teamco ensures each customer's demands are met.

Forging Valve Components

Quality Forgings Fit Customer Specifications and Applications

Forging Ball Valve Body LF2
Forging Ball Valve Body LF2

Forging has been one of our main capabilities in producing metal parts for oil & gas and industrial applications. We forge parts weigh up to 47kgs max. and in materials of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. According to features of product designs and requirements of various applications, Teamco uses both close-die hot forging and multi-directional hot forging. We follow customer specifications and inspection standards fit application requirements. The applications of our forged metal parts include oil & gas, automotive, mechanical components, etc. OEM service is our core concept. Comprehensive custom service is our commitment.

We Provide Quality Forgings Achieve High Strength

Teamco follows international standards for materials, heat treatments and inspections to make sure that the parts fulfill customer’s requirements in specific industry. Due to genuine production feature, forgings usually have great strength ideal for applications require high pressure and high temperature. Our company is equipped with heat treatment facilities which is one of the important factors makes us advantageous in accomplishing mechanical features assigned by customers.

Production Procedures of Forging (Closed-Die Forging)

  • Tooling Die Design and Fabrication
  • Raw Material Inspection and Cutting
  • Raw Material Heating
  • Rough Shaping (first impression to mold the metal into a rough shape)
  • Cavity Shaping (second impression to shape the metal to the rough dimensions of the cavity in die)
  • Final Shaping (final impression to shape the metal into desired shape of the cavity in die)
  • Heat Treatment (Normalizing)
  • Shot Blasting
  • Final Inspection

Steel Forgings We Produce

Carbon SteelStainless SteelAlloy Steel & Others
A182 F316/F316L
A182 F304/F304L
Al 6061
Capability & Capacity:300 x 300 x 300mm 47kgs max.150T ~ 1200T; 1200 tons (4 lines)
Product Types:Body, Tailpiece, Bonnet, CAP, Ball, Lug, Flange, Seat Retainer, Cover Plate, Adapter
Surface Treatments:Nickle Plating
ENP (Electroless Nickle Plating)
Applications:Energy: oil & gas ball valves, gate valves
Machinery: mechanical equipment, hand tools, machining tool components
Automotive: system components and accessories, heavy-duty vehicle components
Construction: building hardware, locking components
Others: boat equipment metal parts, structural components
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