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Located in Taiwan, Teamco Industries Corporation, since 1995, is a Metal Parts Services | machined metal part manufacturer in metal foundry industry. A metal casting and precision machining supplier that offers custom metal parts produced in sand casting, investment casting, forging, stamping, machining, surface finishing meeting international standards - ASTM, AISI, DIN, JIS.

Certified carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel machined casting valve parts for oil & gas, industrial and mechanical parts, building and marine hardwares, etc. Not only providing customers machined metal parts, to extend service scale, Teamco has dedicated into the automation machining, from auto loading parts to auto inspection, towards enhancing quality and efficiency.

Teamco has been offering customers precision machined metal parts, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Teamco ensures each customer's demands are met.

Metal Parts Services

OEM Metal Parts Solution Services

Teamco Provides Diversified Custom Metal parts
Teamco Provides Diversified Custom Metal parts

OEM Metal Parts Solution Services

Teamco is a professional casting foundry established in 1995 in Taiwan. With full experiences of serving many oil & gas customers, we have expanded our serves from valve accessories, fluid control device metal parts, industrial mechanical components, to cable assembly solution services. The OEM metal parts Teamco provides are precision machined castings, forgings, machined accessories and super tiny precision machined sensor metal parts, etc. We deliver consistent quality products to valuable customers worldwide through integrating supply chain resources to achieve diversified customer demands. Our vision is to perform as the quality OEM partner provides comprehensive custom total solution. We cooperate with customers with mutual trust then establish win-win partnership.

    Main Categories of our Metal Parts Services:


    Our Comprehensive Services:

  • Products fit diversified applications
  • Engineering services proceed detailed specifications review
  • Various production and machining capabilities
  • ISO9001:2015 quality management certified
  • Vast experiences of international shipment arrangements

Our diversified services are evaluated and executed according to customer needs.
Our diversified services are evaluated and executed according to customer needs.

  • Custom Valve Fittings - Custom Valve Fittings fit Pipeline Lubrication and Pressure Control Applications
    Custom Valve Fittings
    Valve Fittings fit Pipeline Lubrication and Pressure Control Applications

    Custom valve fittings are supplied for high pressure applications such as oil&gas pipeline, wellhead, petrochemical, refinery or industrial fluid control, etc. Functions of valve fittings include grease or sealant injection, pressure relief and flow directing, etc. We produce a full line of valve fittings meet various requirements of many types of valves. The materials we produce include Inconel X-750, SS316, SS304 or AISI4140, etc. Our main services are ODM or OEM according to customer specifications and applications. We export our valve fittings to worldwide Oil&Gas and Industrial customers such as USA, Canada, Italy and South Eastern countries, etc.

  • Custom Springs - Various Custom Springs
    Custom Springs
    Springs Fit Customer Applications

    Teamco provides extensive custom capability and engineering support from design through production. We produces custom springs in various materials such as Inconel X750, 718, 625, Stainless Steel 302, 304, 316, Carbon Steel and other Alloys. Our springs fit diversified industries include electronics, construction, hydraulics, machine & tools, automotive, power industry, oil & gas, etc. With knowledge of various material features and production procedures, we can manufacture right custom springs for your exact applications. Springs are a machine element used for various purposes such as absorbing shock load, storing energy, returning motion or controlling vibrations, etc., so it is widely used in machines and meters. Here are the spring types we provide, Wave Spring , Compression Spring, Extension Spring, Torsion Spring, and Constant Force Spring.

  • Sensor and Transducer Metal Parts - Custom Sensor Components
    Sensor and Transducer Metal Parts
    Sensor Element Parts Fit Customer Requirements

    With in-depth expertise in fabricating high precision custom sensor components, including metal parts for Turbine Flow Meter Sensors, Pressure Sensors and Torque Sensors, Teamco serve industrial customers these sensing element parts used in fluid control and measuring metal parts. These sensor components are manufactured in casting or raw material machining; in materials of stainless steel or carbon steel to fit required environment of usage. Surface finish such as zinc plating is applied for carbon steel items for being rust-resistant. Applications of these sensing element parts include measuring equipment, automotive testing, fluid control, hydraulic measurement, industrial process monitoring, medical devices, etc. Teamco provides OEM services for sensing element parts to worldwide industrial customers, following the international standards.

  • Custom Industrial Precision Machined Metal Castings - Teamco produces various custom castings
    Custom Industrial Precision Machined Metal Castings
    Quality Castings to Customer Designs

    Being a dedicated steel casting foundry for more than 20 years, Teamco provide quality castings fit diversified industrial customers. We have main manufacturing facility in Taiwan and production sites in other Asian countries as well. Teamco is ISO9001:2015 certified and we serve segments include Oil & Gas, Industrial, Petrochemical, Fluid Control, Mechanical Automation, Automotive, Construction, Building and Marine equipment hardware, etc. We have engineering team optimizes the tooling die design with simulation software. We have been a reliable partner for customers in solving problems of castings through mutual communications and procedure controls during production. All is based on our vast experiences in manufacturing and machining the castings in various custom designs. The major materials we produce include stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steels. Applied with required heat treatment and surface treatments, quality our machined castings fit customer specifications and compliant to international standards.

  • Custom Precision Machined Valve Parts - Custom Valve Stems
    Custom Precision Machined Valve Parts
    Quality Machined Metal Parts to Customer Designs

    Teamco manufactures and exports premium quality valve parts, mechanical components and sensor metal parts for industrial, oil & gas, fluid control segments, etc. These metal parts are produced by investment casting, forging, bar stock machining or steel plate machining, provided with required surface finish or surface treatments, such as electropolishing, nickel/ zinc plating, zinc phosphating, hard-chrome plating, ENP, QPQ, MoS2 coating, Tungsten Carbide coating or HVOF coating, etc. We provide custom products and services to worldwide customers. Founded with manufacturing sites based in Taiwan, Teamco have also built up resources in other countries in Asia to satisfy diversified customer requirements. The major materials we produce include stainless steel, carbons steel and alloy steels. We follow customer specifications and international standards.

  • Machined Element Parts and Hardware Components - Teamco Produce Diversified Custom Hardware Castings
    Machined Element Parts and Hardware Components
    Custom Hardware with Diversified Specifications and Treatments

    Teamco is a manufacturer and exporter of premium quality mechanical components and hardware produced by casting or forging, machining, surface treatments or sub-assembly when necessary. Main applications include home/ office locking system, door accessories, mechanical parts, hand tools, industrial equipment, vehicle components, sports equipment, boat accessories and marine hardware, etc. According to the customer requirements, we produce these metal components in investment casting, forging, stamping, bar stock machining or plate machining, etc. Evaluations are based on designs, functions or product features. When considering about the operation environment, customers would have diversified requirements in the selection of materials or the necessity of surface treatments. Mainly used material is stainless steel which is featured with rust-resistance. Carbon steel or Alloy steels (such as Ti Alloy or Aluminum Alloy) we can also provide. To reinforce strength and durability, surface plating or coating would be applied, such as passivation or hard-chrome plating. For aesthetic demand, the metal parts would be treated with electro-polishing, in styles of matt, stain or mirror look. Teamco provides one-stop turnkey solutions for worldwide customers to fit their needs.