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25 Years Custom Industrial Precision Machined Metal Castings | Machined Metal Parts | Teamco

Located in Taiwan, Teamco Industries Corporation, since 1995, is a Custom Industrial Precision Machined Metal Castings | machined metal part manufacturer in metal foundry industry. A metal casting and precision machining supplier that offers custom metal parts produced in sand casting, investment casting, forging, stamping, machining, surface finishing meeting international standards - ASTM, AISI, DIN, JIS.

Certified carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel machined casting valve parts for oil & gas, industrial and mechanical parts, building and marine hardwares, etc. Not only providing customers machined metal parts, to extend service scale, Teamco has dedicated into the automation machining, from auto loading parts to auto inspection, towards enhancing quality and efficiency.

Teamco has been offering customers precision machined metal parts, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Teamco ensures each customer's demands are met.

Custom Industrial Precision Machined Metal Castings

Quality Castings to Customer Designs

Teamco produces various custom castings
Teamco produces various custom castings

Being a dedicated steel casting foundry for more than 20 years, Teamco provide quality castings fit diversified industrial customers. We have main manufacturing facility in Taiwan and production sites in other Asian countries as well. Teamco is ISO9001:2015 certified and we serve segments include Oil & Gas, Industrial, Petrochemical, Fluid Control, Mechanical Automation, Automotive, Construction, Building and Marine equipment hardware, etc. We have engineering team optimizes the tooling die design with simulation software. We have been a reliable partner for customers in solving problems of castings through mutual communications and procedure controls during production. All is based on our vast experiences in manufacturing and machining the castings in various custom designs. The major materials we produce include stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steels. Applied with required heat treatment and surface treatments, quality our machined castings fit customer specifications and compliant to international standards.

Why Choose TEAMCO

  • Global network and well-positioned support (Taiwan, China, USA and Thailand).
  • Vast experience in machined steel castings for more than 20 years.
  • Good knowledge of industry quality standards in industrial applications.
  • In-house pattern and tooling die design capability.
  • In-house quality inspections and NDT (Non-Destructive Tests).
  • 100% OEM and customization.

Features of TEAMCO Castings

Global Manufacturing Sites
Our global manufacturing sites (Taiwan, China and Thailand) help provide flexibility in achieving diversified customer needs. The sales office in USA provides technical support, logistics arrangement and inventory services. We export the custom metal parts to Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, UK, USA, etc.
Technology Refining & Advancing
We keep moving forward to innovating manufacturing technology on quality, efficiency and cost. The whole Teamco team is dedicated into providing customers the best metal parts solutions.
Compliant to International Quality Standards
We are ISO: 9001 certified foundry and have been producing parts fit customer or international standards.
Highly Technical Support
We have development team with expertise in casting and machining for more than 30 years. Either new materials or specifications, we work actively discussing with customer and production team, work hard to accomplish designs into real objects. This is how we are highly trusted by customers.

Steel Castings We Produce

Stainless Steel CastingsCarbon Steel CastingsAlloy Steel Castings
MaterialsA351-CF3 (304L SS)
A351-CF8 (304 SS)
A351-CF3M (316L SS)
A351-CF8M (316 SS)
A747 CB7Cu-1 (17-4PH)
SS/15-5PH, Duplex SS
IC 1010 ~ 1040
IC 4140 (Alloy Steel)
SKD 11 (Die Steel)
Titanium Alloy
Part Size:Investment Casting
Sand Casting
300 x 300 x 270mm
2” ~ 12” flow way size
Part Wt. (Kgs):Investment Casting
Sand Casting
10g ~ 30Kgs
20Kgs ~ 500Kgs


  • Energy: oil&gas (midstream piping valves), petrochemical, power generation equipment
  • Fluid Control: flow control, food process, chemical process, pumping
  • Engineering: automation equipment
  • Machinery: mechanical equipment, hand tools, machining tool components
  • Automotive: system components and accessories, heavy-duty vehicle components
  • Construction: building hardware, locking components, fire safety device
  • Others: electronics components, boat equipment metal parts, structural components, tool die
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