More than 20 years of foundry experiences in carbon steel, stainless steel and low temperature alloys valve parts.


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Over 25 Years Precision Machined Metal Parts | Teamco

Located in Taiwan, Teamco Industries Corporation, since 1995, is a machined metal part manufacturer in metal foundry industry. A metal casting and precision machining supplier that offers custom metal parts produced in sand casting, investment casting, forging, stamping, machining, surface finishing meeting international standards - ASTM, AISI, DIN, JIS.

Certified carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel machined casting valve parts for oil & gas, industrial and mechanical parts, building and marine hardwares, etc. Not only providing customers machined metal parts, to extend service scale, Teamco has dedicated into the automation machining, from auto loading parts to auto inspection, towards enhancing quality and efficiency.

Teamco has been offering customers precision machined metal parts, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Teamco ensures each customer's demands are met.


Partnership of Customized Services – OEM and ODM

Our Custom Castings
Our Custom Castings

From prototype to full production, Teamco provides quality and competitive machined metal parts solutions for demanding applications. With capability built up from casting foundry manufacturing, we deliver diversified custom solutions, from Oil & Gas valve segment to other industrial segments include mechanical machining, fluid control metering parts, pressure sensing components, heavy duty security locking components, marine hardware, etc. We offer comprehensive single-source capability. To expand our services range to fulfill more customer requirements, Teamco has also built up professional team responsible for providing the Industrial Cable Solutions. We keep moving forward help industrial customers retaining market competitiveness.

Teamco’s Main Custom Services:

    Metal Parts Services
  • Custom Valve Fittings
  • Custom Springs
  • Sensor and Transducer Metal Parts
  • Custom Industrial Precision Machined Metal Castings
  • Custom Precision Machined Valve Parts
  • Machined Element Parts and Hardware Components
    Cable Assembly Services
  • Industrial Cable Solutions


    Procedures of our customized services:
  • Analyze Customer Inquiry
  • Evaluate Feasible Solutions
  • Provide Best Solutions
  • Follow-Up and Continuous Improvement
    Major contents of our customized services:
  • Confirming Specifications
  • Product Applications
  • Technical Support
  • Working Model


Through continuously understanding customers, Teamco aims to be a trustworthy partner of best solution provider for customers. When receive customer inquiries, such as drawings for quotes, material type change, production method change, adding additional production procedures, or urgent shipment arrangement, etc., our contact team responds and proceeds requests in top priority. Always “check” and “confirm” with customers is our golden rule. This is to make sure that we really understand customer needs. To achieve the comprehensive communication, the cross-department cooperation between Teamco and the customer is always involved. While at the stage of integrating all best resources, our evaluation is based on fulfilling the customer requirements and help maintaining competitiveness for the customer, which solution would benefit customers the most. Except the sales team, the engineering team, customer service team and quality assurance team all engage efforts into the commitments we provide to customers. From sample making to successfully mass production, we build up mutual trust with customers then achieving long-term partnership.

Complete Customization is Our Core Business Concept.
Complete Customization is Our Core Business Concept.