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Over 25 Years Precision Machined Metal Parts | Teamco

Located in Taiwan, Teamco Industries Corporation, since 1995, is a machined metal part manufacturer in metal foundry industry. A metal casting and precision machining supplier that offers custom metal parts produced in sand casting, investment casting, forging, stamping, machining, surface finishing meeting international standards - ASTM, AISI, DIN, JIS.

Certified carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel machined casting valve parts for oil & gas, industrial and mechanical parts, building and marine hardwares, etc. Not only providing customers machined metal parts, to extend service scale, Teamco has dedicated into the automation machining, from auto loading parts to auto inspection, towards enhancing quality and efficiency.

Teamco has been offering customers precision machined metal parts, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Teamco ensures each customer's demands are met.


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Here are product brochures of our new products.

Valve Fittings
Teamco provides valve fittings fit pipeline lubrication and pressure control applications.
Type – Grease Lubrication
● Grease Fitting
● High Pressure Grease Fitting
● Grease Nipple
Type – Pressure Relief
● Check Valve Fitting
● Pressure Relief Valve
● Sealant Injection Fitting
● Spring Loaded Safety Relief Valve
Wave Springs
Wave spring is a type of compression spring made from pre-hardened flat wire in a process called on-edge coiling (or edge-winding) with waves added along the coils for more spring effect. They are suitable for applications that have minimal space but need tight load deflection.
● Multi Turn Spring
● Nested Multi Turn Spring
● Single Turn Spring
Casting Valve Parts and Components
We are professional in producing diversified casting valve parts and components in carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.
● Ball Valve Body / Tailpiece
● Gate Valve Body
● Check Valve
● Butterfly Valve
● Valve Components
Here are our catalogues. You can click the following links to download the ones you need.

Brochure Download – Valve Fittings (Product brochure for grease fittings.)
Brochure Download – Grease Fitting Spec. Chart (Specification chart for grease fittings.)
Brochure Download – Sealant Injection Fitting Spec. Chart (Specification chart for sealant injection fittings.)
Brochure Download – Pressure Relief Valve Spec. Chart (Specification chart for pressure relief valves.)
Brochure Download – Wave Springs (Product brochure for wave springs.)
Brochure Download – Casting Parts (Product brochure of our casting valve parts and components.)
Brochure Download – On-Site Casting (Our sand casting foundry.)