Distinguishing Metal Part Material Types When Same Design and Dimension

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Distinguishing Metal Part Material Types When Same Design and Dimension

Distinguish Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Parts with Color Markings

Achieving customer required product quality has been our top priority during the past 25 years. Teamco has been producing custom valve metal parts in carbon steel and stainless steel for oil & gas and industrial segments. Through executing required quality procedures to control quality of each production lot, we provide quality products and services to the customer. However, the customers requested us to distinguish parts of carbon steel and stainless steel for escalating efficiency for incoming goods inspection and inventory. Several options of differentiating or markings have been reviewed. After discussion and evaluation, concerning not to influence subsequent procedures at the customer side, the color markings for distinguishing parts of carbon steel and stainless steel defined as the best solution. We successfully solved customer’s problems. This also improves our operations during production, inspection and packaging.

Case:Distinguishing Metal Part Material Types When Same Design and Dimension
Customer Country:USA
Application:Oil & Gas
Product Name:Ball Valve Stems and Balls
Materials:Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel
Customer Requirement

For some designs of valve accessories, customers purchase them in both materials of stainless steel and carbon steel. When customer receive shipments of two specifications, it takes time distinguish each material through verifying from etched P/N, shipping documents or carton labels, etc. This exists when incoming QC inspection, when proceeding to other procedures or when arranging for online assembly. Our customer USA who purchases valve stems and balls in 0.5” to 8” requested us to provide a solution to improve efficiency of distinguishing materials and avoid of missing materials.

Technical Issues or Challenges

Valve balls and stems need complete surface machining and even the polishing. Except that the carbon steel items need to be oiled or plated for being rust-resistant, the surfaces look “almost the same”.

Teamco Solution

Marking on parts for purpose of distinguishing without impacts on customer side was the optimal result. And this should be done at non-functional areas or non-sealing surfaces. After the discussion, we suggested to put a small mark on part in colors refer to different materials individually. Right now we have defined four colors on stems and balls. Below we have photos for reference. After verifying result of improvement through conducting a couple of shipments, the customer is satisfied with this solution.

Customer Benefits

•Improve operation efficiency.
•Decrease risk of mixing materials & labor forces.

Color Markings for Distinguishing Materials.

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