Teamco is a professional manufacturer and service provider in precision machining parts. The Sand Casting and Investment Casting (Lost Wax Casting) has been our founding business for more than twenty years. Along with a wider business exploration, our productions also involve forging, stamping, die casting, high-precision machining, surface finish, etc. Our consistent quality has helped us establishing a remarkable reputation in worldwide customers of industries such as Valves and Accessories, Building Hardware, Marine Hardware and Industrial field, etc. With comprehensive supply chains in Taiwan and other countries in Asia, our global sourcing is advantageous to cost-effective solutions and providing more value-added services. Through a stable growth and expansion, we have become one of the key suppliers of precision machining parts in worldwide customers.

Company Overview
TEAMCO was founded in 1995, using latest technology and modern facilities to manufacture the highest quality of machining parts. Because of insistence in high quality, Teamco has built remarkable reputation and became a very reliable source of precision machining parts for Valve and Flow Control units. Many top level international clients have used Teamco as their Key Supplier for many of their products. With continuous investment in ERP integrated management system, TEAMCO is now one-of-a-kind in the industry.

TEAMCO is a dedicated stainless steel foundry. As the leader in the dedicated foundry business, TEAMCO has built its reputation by offering advanced valve production processes and unparalleled manufacturing efficiency. From its inception, TEAMCO has consistently offered the foundry segment's excellent technologies and custom service to its customers. The company's total managed capacity exceeds 7 million 10-inch equivalent valves annually.

Establishment date:April, 1995
Founder: impson Jian
Capital: USD 3 million
Employee: 200 people worldwide
Specialty: A leading provider of a variety of industrial valves for the chemical,
   petrochemical and food processing industries and hardware for various purposes.
Certification: ISO 9001 certified since 1999
Major customers: With expertise and efficient management in advanced technology, ourproducts sell
   well in USA, Germany, Canada, Europe, etc. and well appreciated by allcustomers.
Headquarter: No. 198, Sinhe Rd, Hsin Feng Hsiang, Hsinchu, Taiwan

TEAMCO is established in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan
New operation site located in Hsin Feng,Hsinchu
To extend Kuan-En Plant
Qualified by ISO 9001
Set up electronically data stored system, Office automation deployed
Work out new casting subsidiary in China
Set up B2B system with foundries.
New operation office founded in UK
Set Human Resource management system into advance.
Extend the operation office and integrate it with warehouse and the factory.
Existing headquarter founded.
New operation office founded in USA
Qualified by ISO 9001:2015
Work out new casting subsidiary in Thailand
TEAMCO Industries Corporation
Add: (zip code: 304) No. 198, Sinhe Rd., Sinfong Township, Hsinchu, Taiwan │ E-mail:
Tel: +886-3-568-7246 │ Fax: 886-3-568-8586